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Verena Podlaha, 01.07.2022


Liebe Studierende,

das Ludwig Boltzmann Institute vergibt folgende 10 Themen für Masterarbeiten:

  • Deep phenotyping of BMI categories in the adult Austrian population: the LEAD study
  • Prevalence and severity of chronic obstructive respiratory diseases (Asthma and COPD) before and after COVID in the general population.
  • Undiagnosed obstructive lung function within a broad-aged general population Individual history: exposure, symptoms
  • Eosinophiles in COPD/obstructive lung function - consistency and characteristics of patients
  • Adiposity and deep phenotyping in children/adolescents and adults in the general population
  • FeNO levels in the general (or: lung healthy) population and the association to body composition
  • Forced Oscillometry Technique (FOT) and chronic cough phenotyping
  • Longitudinal changes in body composition in metabolic healthy Austrian adults
  • Lung function trajectories in LEAD
  • Prevalence of normal/abnormal spirometry and normal/impaired diffusion capacity – A descriptive analysis

Detaillierte Informationen zu den jeweiligen Themen finden Sie im beigefügten Dokument.

Bei Interesse melden Sie sich bitte direkt bei Fr. Wögerbauer unter:

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